Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Important for Maintaining Performance

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Motorcycle chain maintenance is very important to do. Remember, the chain has quite an important role for a motorbike. Without a chain, the motorbike certainly cannot run.

It’s not just the chain, we also have to take care of all the components on the motorbike. A motorbike that is always maintained will have good performance. That way, we can use the motorbike to the maximum.

Apart from that, by always maintaining your motorbike you can avoid damage. A damaged motorbike when it is used or needed will harm us. For this reason, carrying out maintenance on the motorbike is very important, one of which is caring for the motorbike chain.

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Important for Maintaining Performance

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Procedures

Currently, motorbikes have become a vehicle that can make our mobility easier. There are many things we can do using a motorbike. The important role of motorbikes in everyday life makes us ‘obligated’ to take care of them.

There is a lot of maintenance that you have to do to keep your motorbike in good condition. One thing you shouldn’t miss is caring for your motorbike chain. The following are the procedures for motorcycle chain maintenance.

Make Sure the Chain is Not Loose

Over time, chains that are always used can loosen. However, you don’t have to immediately replace the chain. Just tighten it.

A loose chain will affect speed and comfort when using a motorbike. For this reason, if you feel the chain is loose, make sure to tighten it immediately. If you can’t do it yourself, take it to the nearest repair shop.

Lubricate Regularly

This chain requires lubricant to make performance better. For this reason, make sure you always check. If the chain is dry, you can apply chain lubricant thoroughly.

When you don’t have a special lubricant, oil can be the right choice to lubricate the chain. That way, chain performance will be maximized.

Clean Periodically from Lubricant Thickening

You also have to clean the chain regularly. Lubricant is quite important for chains, but over time dust will stick and will accumulate together with the lubricant. The thicker the dirt, the heavier the motorbike will pull.

For this reason, make sure you clean this dirt regularly. Also, make sure to apply lubricant after cleaning the dirt.

Replace the Chain If Necessary

The more often it is used, or the longer it lasts, the chain will wear out. Its performance will decrease. For this reason, when it is no longer suitable for use, make sure you immediately replace it with a new chain.

So, those are the procedures for motorcycle chain maintenance. By carrying out the steps above, your motorbike chain will be maintained and last longer.