Reasons to Have Clutch Cable Replacement

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We have to pay attention when we have to do clutch cable replacement. Remember that this clutch cable has an important role in a motorbike. For this reason, we must always check the situation.

Using a motorbike is not just about filling up with petrol when it runs out. There are lots of things we have to do to make sure the motorbike is in good condition. The motorbike itself has many components.

Reasons to Have Clutch Cable Replacement

Indication of the Need to Perform Clutch Cable Replacement

Motorbikes play an important role in daily activities. If the motorbike experiences problems it will be a problem. For this reason, make sure the motorbike is always in top condition.

So, one way to keep your motorbike performing at its best is to carry out maintenance on the motorbike. You can replace some components that are no longer adequate. The clutch cable is one of the components that you need to replace when it no longer works.

Several things make you have to make a replacement. The following are reasons why you should do clutch cable replacement.

The Clutch Cable Starting to Be Loose

The clutch cable is starting to become loose, which is an indication that the cable is about to break. So, when the cable starts to become loose, the clutch cable will not be able to work optimally.

When the clutch cable is in this position, you can consider replacing it. However, usually, you can reset it to make it faster.

It has been adjusted repeatedly but it is still uncomfortable

Resetting a clutch cable that has become loose will not be easy. Maybe, you can reset it, but usually, it won’t be the same as the original settings. Sometimes even though it’s the same, it usually doesn’t last long.

So, when it is uncomfortable even though it has been adjusted repeatedly, it would be better if you immediately replace the clutch cable. This is usually characterized by tooth changes that are difficult to carry out. If the teeth are difficult to move, it will be an obstacle on the way.


A clutch that makes a sound is also an indication that the clutch cable is about to break. If it suddenly breaks off on the road it will be a problem for us. For this reason, when the clutch starts to make noise, it would be better if you replace it.

So, that’s the right reason when you should do a clutch cable replacement. Also, make sure to replace the original cable. That way the quality is more guaranteed.