Chain Lubrication Guide Like a Professional for Motorcycle Safety

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Don’t just change the motorbike oil. But we need to learn how to clean and chain lubrication guide as a first step in proper motorbike maintenance. Overall, this is a fairly simple process and only takes approximately 15 minutes.

Chain Lubrication Guide Like a Professional for Motorcycle Safety

Chain Lubrication Guide Like a Professional for Motorcycle Safety

This lubrication step will help to extend the life and performance of your motorbike chain and sprockets. Chain maintenance, especially bicycle chain lubrication, is often not done properly. Below we will discuss how to clean and lubricate most easily and practically.

Finding Out Types of Motorcycle Chains

The type of chain your motorbike uses can affect how it removes dirt. A typical motorcycle chain consists of metal-to-metal links. Meanwhile, sealed chains use rubber seals to better resist road dirt and oil.

Putting the Motorcycle in Position

Before cleaning and lubricating the motorbike chain, you can position it with a center standard or if you have one, use a paddock standard. You can choose one that allows the rear wheels to rotate freely so that this activity can be more efficient.

Checking Chain and Sprocket

Next, you can take a closer look at the chain to check its overall health condition. You can check the main chain links and check your sprockets. Because these two things are very important for you to check before cleaning and lubricating.

Spray the Chain with Special Cleaner

The next chain lubrication guide is to clean the chain to remove dirt. Don’t be shy about soaking the chain or using a special chain cleaning fluid. So, before the lubrication process takes place, the chain is in a very clean condition.

Rub Motorcycle Chain

After the chain has been soaked or sprayed using a special liquid, use a brush to completely remove the stuck dirt. Be careful when rubbing or brushing the chain so that the surface is really clean. So a chain with a clean surface will allow the adhesion of motorbike chain lubricant to be better.

Spray Cleaning Fluid Again

After completing the cleaning process, you can repeat the cleaning by spraying with cleaning fluid. Make sure any remaining chain dirt is gone and forgotten.


For motorcycle chain lubricant to adhere properly to the chain, you need to apply it when the surface is dry. Dry the chain completely and remove all chain cleaners before lubricating.

Lubricating Motorcycle Chains

In the final step, after the chain surface is dry, apply lubricant evenly to all sides of the chain. As for the lubrication method itself, there are several differences between a regular chain and a closed chain. You can apply lubricant and clean off the excess if it is a regular chain. On the other hand, you can lubricate the outside of the chain against rust, for a closed chain, so you can use it more sparingly.

That’s the chain lubrication guide that you need to pay attention to. Don’t forget to clean and lubricate the chain frequently. So when driving in the rain it can remove moisture before rust starts to form.