Motorcycle Carburetor Function to Help Improve Driving Performance

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Motorcycle carburetor function is to mix fuel and air in a certain ratio. For then the mixing is used as a driving force. The carburetor also determines the amount of power produced by the engine. Therefore, this carburetor motor component plays a very important role if you want to upgrade the performance of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Carburetor Function to Help Improve Driving Performance

Motorcycle Carburetor Improve Driving Performance

Carburetor is a component in a gasoline engine, which is a tool that mixes air and fuel in a certain ratio. Then it will flow it into the cylinder according to the needs of the engine. This component is in charge of the fogging system or the entry of fuel into the cylinder.

Carburetor to Improve Motor Performance

Carburetors are an important part of motorbikes, almost all motorbikes use carburetors. In general, motorbikes use gasoline as fuel.

To improve motorcycle performance, you can tune the carburetor or fuel injection system properly. Adjusting the carburetor aims to help optimize the ratio of fuel to air. So that the owner can ride the motorcycle properly to maintain engine durability.

Carburetor Function

In general, the carburetor has two functions, namely to regulate the engine rotation speed in units of rpm. Then it functions to mix air and fuel according to the ratio. Since the carburetor is part of the mechanical system, most motorcycle owners leave this issue to the repair shop. The function is more detailed:

  • Can help to mix fuel and air.
  • Atomizes the fuel and air mixture.
  • Controls engine speed.

The air fuel mixture thanks to the carburetor will follow a certain ratio called the air fuel ratio or AFR. This motorcycle carburetor function, when upgraded, can help the motorcycle engine performance increase.

How the Carburetor Works on a Motorcycle?

The activity or performance of the carburetor will adjust to the desired revolution per minute (rpm). RPM will show the engine rotation speed, how the carburetor works:

  • The piston will move down to suck in the fuel.
  • The liquid fuel will then flow through its path.
  • The carburetor is connected to the handlebar via a cable, this cable pulls the opening of the gas drive sleeve. If you want to increase the RPM, the rider can turn the throttle on the handlebar.
  • The fuel sucked in earlier and the air will turn into mist.
  • The piston will rise, so that the mist is pressed and then sprayed into the combustion chamber.

Types of Motorcycle Carburetors

The carburetor itself has many types and divisions of its category. Below are the types:

  • Vacuum carburetor which is a combination of fixed venture and variable venture carburetor. Speed control is the same as fixed venture.
  • Fixed venture carburetors have an air exit whose diameter cannot be changed. The sprayer will adjust the amount of fuel according to the needle.
  • Variable venture whose diameter can be in line with the required fuel setting through the gas handle.

Therefore, the motorcycle carburetor function can be one of the components to upgrade the performance of your motorcycle.