Various Brakes on a Motorbike Maintenance to Make Driving Safer

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You need to know that the brakes on a motorbike are used to slow down or stop the rotation of a wheel. The reason is that these components are very crucial for you to pay attention to. Of course, considering the role of brakes in supporting safety and comfort when driving. The brake system only requires routine and proper maintenance, even maintenance is not difficult. For this reason, to make it clearer, you can read the following review.

Various Brakes on a Motorbike Maintenance to Make Driving Safer

Tips for Brakes on a Motorbike

The brake pads embedded in the vehicle are one of the important components that you need to pay attention to. Not only four-wheeled vehicles but 2-wheeled vehicles too.

Components that are directly related to the braking system have the function of helping to press the discs so that your vehicle’s tires can stop spinning. Without these components, braking can take place or take a long time and ultimately the vehicle will stop.

Therefore, even though it is often overlooked, the existence of this component is worthy of your extra attention. This is because it is related to driver safety. The following are tips for maintaining motorbike brakes.

Cleaning Brake Pads

For the first tip, you can do this by cleaning the brake linings regularly. Especially if you have just used your motorbike through puddles of water or mud. This will make the brake linings vulnerable to dirt and if you don’t clean them, it will interfere with their effective performance.

So cleaning brake components is very easy. You only need to wash it using clean water. Then make sure that there is no dust, sand, mud, or other dirt stuck to it. That way, the brake pads can function optimally.

Ensure that there is a Distance Between the Brake Lining and the Disc

Then the next tip for brake on a motorbike is to make sure that the brake linings have clearance from the discs. This aims to avoid friction between the two components before you use the brake lever.

If the distance between the canvas and the disc is not perfect. Then you can adjust it yourself by turning the tire wheel. If there is friction. So that means the position is still not quite right. For this reason, you can adjust it again to get the perfect position.

Ensure that the Bearings are Always Lubricated

Bearings commonly known as lahers or bearings are components on motorbikes whose job is to reduce friction with the axle housing on the rim. That way, the rotation of the wheels on the motorbike will be much more stable and more comfortable for you to use when driving.

So, you also need to pay attention to these components in helping you maintain the brakes on a motorbike. To be safe, you need to ensure that the bearings are always well-lubricated. So its function will be maximized when you use it.