The Importance of Caring for Motorbike Shockbreaker

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It’s important to know caring for motorbike shockbreakers. Shockbreaker is one of the components in motor vehicles. Its function is to dampen vibrations or shocks from motorbikes that collide with the road. You can’t feel the benefits of the shockbreaker when passing on smooth roads. It’s different when you pass an uneven road. A shockbreaker is very helpful because the resulting spring force makes you feel more comfortable.

Caring for Motorbike Shockbreaker

Various Ways to Caring for Motorbike Shockbreaker

If the shockbreaker cannot function properly. So when you drive you won’t feel very comfortable. So it can make your body feel sore more quickly. If you don’t deal with it immediately, the motorbike will not be able to accept shocks that cannot be dampened. So it is not impossible that components can change both their position and settings. Apart from that, motorbike tire bearings are also affected. Of course, it will be dangerous for motorbike riders.

So, it is essential to maintain the shockbreaker and ensure that it remains in prime condition. Always suitable and comfortable when used. This treatment is not difficult. So here are some tips for caring for motorbike shockbreaker that you can do.

Cleaning Motorcycle Shockbreakers

For those of you who diligently wash your motorbike and care about it, of course, you won’t worry about the cleanliness of the shockbreaker. However, for those of you who are still not moved to diligently wash your motorbike. Then you can get used to starting to be more diligent in washing and caring about the cleanliness of your motorbike.

This is because dirt that sticks to the shockbreaker and its surroundings can cause the seal of the component to become scratched. This can cause the shockbreaker oil to leak quickly. So the quality of the spring will decrease.

Avoid uneven road routes

The condition of the road you are going to pass will affect the health of your motorbike. Smooth pages will make the shockbreaker more durable and less easily damaged. Vice versa. If you choose a route that has bad roads, rocks, or holes, it will damage the shockbreaker quickly. This does not only affect the shockbreaker. But it can also affect other components.

Pay attention to the Stanchion

You also need to pay attention to the condition of the front stanchion or shockbreaker cylinder tube so that it is not dirty. Don’t overload it by locking the disc so tightly. This can make the cylinder tube shrink and clamp the shockbreaker rod.

Changing Oil

Of course, it matters, caring for motorbike shockbreaker. When your motorbike’s suspension is no longer in top condition. Making the spring inside requires you to add more oil. In general, you change the shockbreaker oil once every 2 to 3 years. However, don’t delay getting your motorbike shockbreaker serviced immediatel if you feel uncomfortable.