Motorcycle CVT Roller Increase Matic Motor Speed Without Bore Up

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Motorbikes are famous for their comfort and ease of riding, but they are also famous for their finicky CVT. Continuously Variable Transmission, which is a component that functions to forward the rotation generated by the motor engine to the wheels. So that the motor can run and be used to drive. Modifications to the motorcycle CVT roller can also improve acceleration and performance on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle CVT Roller Increase Matic Motor Speed Without Bore Up

Motorcycle CVT Roller Without Bore Up

The CVT on an automatic motorbike is very influential on the performance of an automatic motorbike. The acceleration or pull on an automatic motorcycle that feels sluggish or unpowered is the main cause of the CVT. There are still ways to increase the top speed of an automatic motorbike besides bore up.

One of them needs to modify the front pulley by scraping the path in the roller housing. This roller track scraping allows the rollers to roll higher and will make the engine power at the top speed more powerful. For maximum results, scraping the path in the roller housing has a way.

Selection of Light Weight Rollers

Each automatic motorcycle is certainly equipped with different roller weights, of course, it can depend on the engine capacity, the genre, and what character the manufacturer wants to create. The use of this light roller weight will change the character of the engine to be more responsive, but it still depends on the roller weight used.

A more responsive engine character can result from higher engine revs at lower speeds. This is because when using lighter rollers, the engine will feel a little grunt. Unfortunately, lightweight rollers will definitely be wasteful because the engine rpm becomes higher.

Selection of Suitable Rollers

In order not to choose the wrong motorcycle CVT roller, there are several considerations before changing the roller weight. This is because it will affect when you use it on a daily basis. The considerations are that it must be in accordance with the engine specifications, the weight of the rider, whether or not you usually carry a load.

Because the more weight the motorcycle supports, the selection of the roller is a little lighter. Road conditions and terrain are also a consideration whether the terrain has many climbs. If there are many inclines, it is better to use a slightly lighter roller to catch up with the torque when on an incline so that the motor becomes more powerful.

Efforts to Improve Matic Motor Acceleration

Not only by changing the weight of the roller motor, there are several things you can do to increase the acceleration or top speed of the motor matic, such as:

  • Resetting the sprocket, which is commonly done by motorcycle enthusiasts to get an increase in performance.
  • Cleaning the CVT system to improve motorcycle acceleration which will also help ensure optimal performance of the motorcycle transition.
  • Adjusting the v-belt tension on the motor can ensure optimal performance of the drive system and prevent uneven wear

Those are some of the things we need to pay attention to when replacing the motorcycle CVT roller to improve speed or acceleration performance.