Motorbike Engine Maintenance to Maintain Maximum Performance

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Motorbike engine maintenance is important to maintain motorbike performance. When we have a motorbike we definitely have to take good care of it. Remember, if we can maintain it well, we can definitely use the motorbike well.

Make sure you also know how to care for it properly. If you do it wrong, it certainly won’t have an effect. For that, you have to learn how to care for it.

You can start doing basic maintenance. Then you can take better care of the motorbike components one by one. That way, performance will be maintained.

Motorbike Engine Maintenance

Motorbike engine maintenance is important to do

Currently, motorbikes are one of the vehicles owned by everyone. The uses of this motorbike are very diverse. Starting to support work, means of transportation, and even to fulfill hobbies.

However, whatever the purpose, you must still carry out maintenance. There are many types of treatment that you can do. Machine maintenance is one of the important maintenance things for you to do. So, here is how to do motorbike engine maintenance.

Fuel Selection

The first thing you have to do is choose the right fuel. Usually, motorbikes require fuel with Octane 90 or more. So, make sure you choose fuel with 90 octane or more.

If you choose the wrong fuel then problems can arise. Namely, it can leave crusts on the injection system. This can certainly damage other components.

Change the oil regularly

Oil is a very important thing. Oil has a role in lubricating the engine. When the engine or other components are perfectly lubricated, their performance will be more perfect.

On the other hand, if you let the oil dry out, its performance will definitely decrease and it could even damage the components. Well, at least you change the oil once a month or two. This depends on usage, the more often it is used, the more often you have to change the oil.

Check ECU

You must check the ECU or Electronic Control unit properly. This component is related to the motor injector. Make sure that it is in good condition, if it arrives in bad condition it could cause the motorbike to break down in the middle of the road.

Routine Service

The next thing you can do is carry out routine service. Make sure you choose a trusted repair shop. That way, the mechanic in charge can carry out a comprehensive service.

By entrusting it to experts, it will definitely make us calmer. The machine can be maintained, if something needs to be replaced, they will certainly understand much more. However, of course, you also have to have knowledge about this treatment.

So, that’s motorbike engine maintenance so that motorbike performance is maintained. Make sure you always maintain the engine so you can still use the motorbike to its best performance.