Proper Way to Install Air Filter, Improve Motorcycle Performance

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The proper way to install an air filter needs to be considered as carefully as possible. This is because proper installation makes its function more optimal. Vice versa. Incorrect installation means the air filter does not function properly.

Proper Way to Install Air Filter, Improve Motorcycle Performance

Proper Way to Install Air Filter in Motorcycle

To find out how to install it, make sure to pay attention to the following description. Don’t just know, but also follow the correct way to install an air filter.

Check the Carburetor Diameter

The first step is to check the diameter of the carburetor or throttle body of the motorbike. This is none other than so that the air filter is installed correctly. This motorcycle air filter is suitable for all types of motorbikes.

Attach to Air Funnel

After checking the diameter of the carburetor, you can continue by installing the filter into the air funnel. This air funnel is in the carburetor or throttle body.

Tie with Iron Clamps

So that it doesn’t come off easily, you can continue by tying it using iron clamps. After that, tighten it.

Meanwhile, if you want to remove it, just loosen the iron clamp. It should be understood that this installation method is usually followed by removing the filter box that comes with the motorbike.

Benefits of Motorbike Air Filters

After knowing how to install it, make sure you also understand the benefits. This air filter plays an important role just like the lungs in the human body.

Because of this, this component has the benefit of filtering the air entering the motorbike engine. Thanks to these components, particles such as dirt, dust and others do not enter the engine.

That way, the motorbike engine can still function optimally to support vehicle performance. The combustion chamber will also have no problems because it has a good functioning air filter.

Seeing how important the role of the air filter is, it is necessary to replace it when it wears out. If you insist on using a worn air filter, it could cause the motorbike to be damaged or break down in the middle of the road.

This makes users feel at a loss and inconveniences themselves. It not only harms yourself, but also other road users. Especially if the problem causes the roads to become congested.

After reading the description above, you know the proper way to install an air filter. Once you know how to install it, you don’t need to hesitate to practice it. That way, you can find out the benefits of using these components.